United KingdomThe water industry in the U.K has been at the forefront of customer research and engagement due to the number of water utilities that have undertaken various engagement activities when preparing their plans and proposals.

Scottish Water is a noteworthy case within the U.K as the organisation implemented a major engagement program before their pricing proposal to WICS (Water Industry Commission for Scotland).

The Customer Forum: Customer engagement in the Scottish water sector

This paper outlines the reasons behind creating the Customer Forum, how it was created, and how it achieved its tasks and the results it garnered. It also outlines the roles played by Scottish Water and the regulator WICS and how issues were addressed. In addition, the article provides analysis of what worked well, what didn’t, whether the Forum process was beneficial, and what in a statutory and regulatory context can be done in future.

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RPI-X, competition as a rivalrous discovery process, and customer engagement...- Utilities Policy

The article explains how the Customer Forum assisted Scottish Water in being more thorough with its investment decisions and that the outcomes achieved through this type of negotiation were better than expected. Note: Only abstract available- Please purchase the article or a subscription from the host website.

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Full Strategy 'Water Future'

South West Water conducted customer research to prepare for their price review which occurs every five years. The results of the customer research process, the proposed investments, and the long term vision (until 2040) are presented in this document.

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Water 2020 Customer Engagement- lessons and opportunities

This short paper presents some perspectives on the lessons to be learned from the success of the engagement efforts and sets out a vision for the role of customer engagement in the sector, addressing the challenge of how to keep customers engaged

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