Introduction to Sub-project 4 - Implementation and Adoption of Research

Throughout the outcomes of this project, ‘know-how’ and advanced knowledge of lining applications and performance will be developed with the key objective of increasing uptake of these products within the first years.

To enable this, key learnings will be translated to the wider industry through education and training. Publication of the standards and specifications developed (Sub Section 1) will be one form of industry education, however, in order to spread the message, the following activities will also be undertaken:

  • 2 roadshows will be held in the major capital cities (mid-way and at the end of the project) for the entire water industry audience (utilities, consultants, manufacturers, applicators)
  • Development of a knowledge hub, which collates all information from this project, other WSAA and industry projects, and provides links to external information.

Sub-project 4 will be led by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), with key inputs from each of the research participants. Key outcomes from this sub-project will include:

  • Development of training materials related to product specifications
  • Development and compilation of learnings into a knowledge hub for industry outcomes
  • Delivering technology workshops between all participants
  • Development of criteria for ongoing field performance validation and create a self-sustaining data sharing platform.
  • Establishment of appraisal criteria based on product specifications to enable broad uptake of products
  • Establishment process for ongoing review and improvement of tools by WSAA.