Introduction to Sub-project 3 - Smart Sensing

Sub-project 3 addresses the development of sensing tools and deployment strategies for post-installation quality assurance of liners and long-term performance monitoring of liners.

Post-installation quality assurance is an important consideration in the rehabilitation of pipelines as it sets a benchmark for the applicators to deliver the specified liners and enables the utilities to be confident about the delivery/application of products. Similarly, non-invasive long-term performance monitoring would enable utilities to forecast timely repairs to their assets. Currently, there are no tools or methods for effectively undertaking this assessment.

The key outcomes of this work which will be led by the University of Technology Sydney include:

  • The identification of product-specific parameters to be used
  • Development of an easy to use real-time tool to non-destructively assess the application quality and performance of linings.
  • Development of sensor deployment strategies, signal transmission techniques and real-time asset management tools for liner monitoring.
  • Collaborate with manufacturers to incorporate sensors into liners
  • Validate the prototype sensors and robot through lab tests, test beds and field trials.