Introduction to Sub-project 1 - Intelligent Decision Tools

Several liner products have been introduced to the market, tested individually, but not widely adopted.

There is a barrier in broadly adopting liners because of a lack of knowledge of lining materials, design and long term performance.

In addition, there is no consistent performance and application guidelines and stanards.

What standards do exist – do not adequately coverall available products.

The primary goal of Sub Project 1 is to develop performance and product classifications for the specified liner types based on the outcomes of the testing covered in sub Sections 2 and 3.

This sub project is divided into 1A (Water) and 1B (Wastewater).

Section 1A (Water) will be work that is led by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) with input from Monash University and University of Technology Sydney.

Section 1B (Wastewater) will be led by WSAA with input from University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. 

The project deliverables in sub Section 1 will include:

a) A literature review of exisiting national and global standards and specifications.

b) Development of standards for pipeline rehabilitation

  • Part A: Design and selection of liners
  • Part B: Assessment of remaining life
  • Part C: Application of liners (general requirements)
  • Part D: Application of sensors (general requirements)

c) Development of product specifications

  • Calcium aluminate cement (CAC)
  • Cure-in-place (CIPP)
  • Geopolymer
  • Spray liners

d) Development of tools (including software tools

  • Pipe selection (incorporating economic analysis)
  • Pipe remaining life
  • Prioritisation of pipes for rehabilitation