Project Governance

Project governance will be managed through the committee of management, the project steering group and the sub-project management team


Committee of Management

This group has oversight of the full WSAA pipe condition assessment program.

They are a group of key water business representatives, with not only a detailed knowledge of pipe condition assessment but also with strategic insight into the long-term direction needed for pipe condition assessment.

The group needs also to provide a robust view of the needs of the industry.

To be an effective decision-making body it comprises of 6 to 8 water industry representatives who are WSAA members.


Project Steering Group

This group has oversight of the CRC-P project and provides direction as required.

They consist of key water business representatives that will be involved in the project, a research lead from each of the universities involved in the project and one representative per international organisation.


Sub-Project Groups

The CRC-P project has been divided into sub-project groups, who will each have their own management team who have the following attributes:

  • WSAA – act as secretariat

  • Utility Lead – sits on the Project Steering Group and reports back progress

  • Utility Lead – from project participants, not necessarily on the Project Steering Group

  • University Lead – ensures that the research plan is being delivered to expectations

  • International Organisations Lead – provides feedback with respect to their region