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What is WRAP?

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In Australia, substantial investment has been made in urban water research. However accessing this growing bank of information and knowledge remains a challenge as it is spread across many websites, organisations and libraries. The Water Research Access Portal (WRAP) is an online database of reputable Australian urban water research, which aims to make this research readily accessible to the water industry. It does this primarily via a search functionality built on themes of national importance. WRAP also has the ability to store resources, ensuring there is no loss of knowledge from the sector.

WRAP is:

  • Reputable: only credible content from respected organisations
  • Encompassing: all the main sources of urban water research in Australia
  • Convenient: single gateway to resources
  • Selective and targeted: more relevant and targeted search results than Google.

What resources are available?

On WRAP, you will find a rich database of Australian urban water research from reputable organisations, including:

  • Primary research: reports, publications, frameworks, etc.
  • Learnings from research: grey literature such as case studies, conference papers, communication pieces, news articles, project evaluations, policy analysis etc.
  • Tools of the trade: links to access methodologies, models, data

We pull resources from reputable research organisations, listed hereAustralian research organisations produce world class research on many topics including drought management, integrated water management, water sensitive urban design, desalination, water recycling and climate adaptation and resilience.

We recognise there are a number of websites and portals currently making urban water resources readily available, and our aim is to complement these.  To understand where WRAP sits in the urban water R&D space and how it differs from other resources, please click here

So, what's in it for me?

  • Save time: WRAP is easy to use and we’ve verified the resources are reputable already!
  • Avoid duplication: Discover what other research has been undertaken before embarking on your own.
  • Connect: Find out who is a leader in research for a particular theme to inform collaborative efforts.
  • Learn: Browse our themes of national significance and understand key issues facing the urban water sector.

Who is WRAP?

WRAP is a collaborative effort by a number of Australian research centres, government agencies, and industry. WRAP is managed by the Water Services Association of Australia. Key partners include:

  • Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
  • Water Research Australia
  • Australian National Data Service
  • Smart Water Fund
  • CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Australian Water Association

The National Urban Water R&D Partnership Working Group supported the WRAP project.

In 2013, this coalition of Australian water R&D organisations identified the need for more open access to Australian urban water research information and knowledge. The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence initiated discussions on an urban water knowledge portal and, through a series of planning workshops with other R&D funding organisations, identified the benefits of a national approach, and developed a business case for WRAP. Each organisation involved has contributed cash and in-kind expertise to project development and, in 2015, the online knowledge portal was completed. The portal aligns with the Commonwealth Government’s National Research and Knowledge Platform (2012) to ‘facilitate improved water knowledge management, including more open access to information’.

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